Reasons Why People Will Commit Arson in 2015

Most people in the world cannot even imagine purposefully setting fire to someone’s home or vehicle, and that is fortunate for all of us. But did you know that there are actually several reasons why people commit arson? Of course, none of these reasons are good or make the crime excusable, but understanding why people… Read more »

How to Escape from a Fire

We sincerely hope you are never the victim of arson or any other type of fire, but if you do find yourself in house that is engulfed in flames, there are a few things you should know in order to escape. While some fires become so out of control people have no place to go,… Read more »

What Do Arson Investigators Look For?

While a fire caused by an arsonist may appear and act just like any other fire, there are a few telltale signs that arson investigators look for after the flames have been put out. The amount of evidence varies from case to case, but even the most careful of arsonists will leave behind clues. As… Read more »

Inside an Arsonist’s Mind

What does an arsonist look like? Often we assume that arsonists have a mental disorder, as the crime is so full of passion, but true pyromaniacs are astonishingly rare. Understanding motives for arson is the best way to understand arsonists. Here are some of the most common motives.   First is thrill seeking. Those arsonists… Read more »

How to Become an Arson Investigator

The process to taking up the duties of an arson investigator can be long, but well worth it. We all know they are part detective and part fire scientist but that doesn’t mean you just need to know some detecting skills and some knowledge on fire. Most agencies that hire arson investigators can let you… Read more »

Preservation of Evidence at an Arson Scene

Some people often forget that an Arson scene is also a crime scene. This is largely because at the start of the fire, people aren’t caring about preserving evidence as they are about preserving lives, or things they own. This of course is what you should follow though, when a fire strikes your home or… Read more »

Talking to a Babysitter About Proper Fire Safety

Here at the John Michael Agosti & Associates blog, we’re always working hard to make sure that you and your family are safe at home. It’s easier to properly identify a case of arson if it’s clear that the proper fire precautions have been put into place.   This is especially important for parents who… Read more »

Explosion and Fire in Tampa, Florida

At 5:45am last Wednesday, a 911 call went through claiming that there was an explosion and a fire in Avila, an exclusive residential resort in Tampa, Florida. Four bodies were discovered in the house – two adults and two teenagers. Due to the nature of crimes of arson, identifying circumstances surrounding homicide and suicide takes… Read more »

NYC Has Seen a Spate of Premeditated Fires

Arson is often used as a way of targeting certain groups and inflicting harm to specific organizations. That’s why there’s usually a strong connection between arson and hate crimes in most instances. Here at John Michael Agosti & Associates, we often deal with cases that unveil some of the worst sides of humanity. Even large… Read more »

Toledo Arson

Chicago is an American city that has been marred by fire in its history. Our city, home to the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, continues to see its fair share of arson and accidental fires every single year. However, in terms of modern day fire safety, Chicago is currently well ahead of other municipalities where… Read more »