Month: July 2019

The Attorney’s Guide to Working with a Fire Expert

Lawyer and expert witness shaking hands during a meeting

In order to be successful in the court room, you must establish an understanding and build a relationship with the O & C expert on your case. They, after all, are the biggest influencers on your outcome in the courtroom. Working with a fire expert: Understanding the role of a fire expert witness In order… Read more »

Role of a Private Fire Investigator

team of blured firefighters by firetruck on protected accident site. focus on red and white security band

As an attorney taking on a fire origin and cause case, you need to know that you have a qualified and experienced fire expert on your legal team. The best way to ensure that is to learn more about the vital role an expert plays in fire cases: Conducts an initial fire scene investigation The… Read more »

Choosing a Private Fire Investigator

damaged apartment building after being burned by fire

Fire cases are anything but routine and it’s essential that you find a sound, qualified expert to first examine the scene and then testify in court. And a thorough investigation by a fire arson expert could be the difference between a serious litigation and a claim being dropped. So how can you ensure that you’re… Read more »

Fire Pit Safety Tips

Friends sitting around a backyard fire

Summer is the best time of the year for having backyard fires with your friends and family. You may already have a fire pit, or you are thinking of putting one in your yard. You have to be aware of the safety precautions of having backyard fires, so that the environment is not dangerous for… Read more »