The Attorney’s Guide to Working with a Fire Expert

Lawyer and expert witness shaking hands during a meeting

In order to be successful in the court room, you must establish an understanding and build a relationship with the O & C expert on your case.

They, after all, are the biggest influencers on your outcome in the courtroom.

Working with a fire expert:

Understanding the role of a fire expert witness

In order to successfully work with an arson expert witness, you must understand the role they play in your case.

We are not advocating for the attorneys that hire us—we’re independent fire investigators seeking out the truth while you, as the attorney, are an advocate for your client.

You must allow them to conduct their investigation, analyzing the property and checking the important fire safety codes to form their own opinion so that they can present it in the most efficient way possible.

After all, they are the experts in their field just as you are an expert in yours.

Communicating with a fire arson expert

Determining the fire origin and cause at a scene can become very complex.

That’s why it’s essential that you establish and maintain open communication with the fire expert on your team.

And although they provide a lot of the evidence and information found from the fire scene investigation, it’s your responsibility to share with them the vital data necessary for them to properly analyze your case.

So, keep your expert witness up-to-date with the newest findings and additional information that is necessary for your case.

Planning for unpredictable conflict

There are those few instances that could prevent a fire arson expert witness from testifying.

Situations like a conflict of interest with the opposing counsel, scientific methodologies or the science behind the testimony being too new are all possible disqualifications that may occur.

Be sure to have a conversation about this information with your expert witness before adding them to your legal team.

lawyer meeting with expert witness before trial

Preparing an expert witness for trial

It’s possible that the fire arson expert you secure for your legal team has plenty of experience in the court room along with the necessary skills and knowledge to construct a sound and viable testimony.

But even those with exceptional abilities in their field require preparations with the lawyer before the day of the trial to ensure that all the information is known by both parties.

At Agosti Fire Investigations, our team of experts possess the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively analyze your fire arson case.

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