General Arson Defense in Wauconda, IL

Agosti Fire Investigations provides a broad field of fire related services including expert testimony that you need to mount a strong arson defense. Our experts conduct effective fire investigations services that identify case strengths and weaknesses to assist in the defense.

Fire scenes are often initially closed to outside fire investigations by the fire department or law enforcement agencies conducting an investigation. If they suspect the fire was incendiary in nature, these agencies most likely will not release any material or information due to their ongoing investigation. Once the scene has been opened, Agosti Fire Investigations will conduct an independent scene examination and collect any evidence or information that may have been missed by other agencies, and we’ll analyze all material and data to assist in the client’s defense.

We provide services for general arson defense that can be broken down into two major areas including these:

The result of a fire can be devastating to the home and the family. It’s extremely important to hire an experienced fire investigator, so that they can help you understand the aftermath and deliver facts surrounding the fire. This will ultimately help the court arrive at an unbiased opinion.

Agosti Fire Investigations can assist in planning strategy for pending litigation by providing answers to questions you may have on the facts or to present additional questions for your case. Because of our arson defense expertise and our skills in fire arson investigations, we can help. If you’re in need of expert witness services in relation to your case, we can provide you with independent analysis, consultation, strategy and expert testimony for pending litigation. Contact us today at 847-682-6793.