Criminal Arson Defense in Wauconda, IL

Agosti Fire Investigations provides criminal arson defense if you’ve been charged with this crime. In many cases, the scene is closed to outside investigations until the fire department or law enforcement has concluded their analysis and investigation. Once it is opened, Agosti Fire Investigations can go in and conduct our own analysis to gather information on the scene and help to defend you in the court of law.

Criminal Arson – is the crime of deliberately damaging or destroying a property by fire or explosives. If you are charged with this after law enforcement has conducted their analysis and investigation, it is a good time to contact Agosti Fire Investigations.

Criminal Aggravated Arson

If you are charged with criminal aggravated arson, this means that the property that was set on fire occupied people or the arson created a major risk of harm to another person other than the offender. Agosti Fire Investigations is here to help in your defense of these charges to you. We will conduct a thorough investigation, analysis, and defense case for you in the court case.

Agosti Fire Investigations Defense

It’s important to have the strongest case going into court, and we want you to know that if you are charged with either criminal arson or aggravated arson, we are here to assist in your case. We guarantee our experts will conduct a detailed examination of the fire scene even after it is destroyed. Our team will provide the necessary data and analysis they find in order to help and assist in the defense of your case making it stronger. Contact us today at 847-682-6793.