Criminal Arson Defense in Illinois

Agosti Fire Investigations provides expert analysis and testimony for criminal arson defense and aggravated arson defense cases. Our arson experts will conduct fire investigations to point out strengths and weaknesses in your case, so that we can build a stronger defense for you. Along with an arson investigation, we conduct a NFPA 921 compliant investigation into the charges claimed by the prosecution’s fire expert opposing parties.

Criminal Arson

Crime of deliberately damaging or destroying a property by fire or explosives.

Criminal Aggravated Arson

If you are charged with criminal aggravated arson, this means that the property that was set on fire occupied people or the arson created a major risk of harm to another person other than the offender. Agosti Fire Investigations is here to help in your defense of these charges to you. We will conduct a thorough investigation, analysis, and defense case for you in the court case.

Agosti Fire Investigations Defense

If the agencies investigating the fire scene suspect the fire was incendiary in nature, these agencies often will not release any material or information due to their ongoing investigation. The lack of information places your client at a significant disadvantage. We will conduct independent scene examination and collect evidence that may have been missed. Contact us today at 847-682-6793.