Johnny C. Agosti, NAFI-CFEI & , IAAI-FIT

Mr. Agosti is a professional fire analyst and staff expert with Agosti & Associates. He has conducted hundreds of fire and explosion fire scene investigations. These include fires and explosions in single-family dwellings, high-rise structures, commercial structures, as well as vehicles and heavy equipment. His responsibilities and experience as a fire analyst include photography, witness interviewing, report writing, and evidence collection.

Mr. Agosti also serves as a firefighter/EMT for the Antioch, Illinois Fire Department. Mr. Agosti has experience and knowledge beyond fire and explosion analysis, to include fire department operations, including hazardous materials and emergency medical.


Bachelor’s Degree: Fire, Arson and Explosion Investigation from Eastern Kentucky University
Minor in Fire & Safety Engineering Technology


Certified Fire & Explosion Investigator, NAFI
Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator
Certified Fire Apparatus Engineer
NREMT Emergency Medical Technician


Fire and Explosions: Arson defense/prosecution; electrical fires; gas explosions; vehicular fires; structure fires; fire deaths/injuries. Fire scene evidence and spoliation issues.