Fire Safety Codes and Fire Alarm Codes

Smoke detector Analysis

Getting a smoke detector is compliant to Chicago's building code

Unfortunately some fires result in fire related injuries or fatalities.  The experts at Agosti Fire Investigations have provided years of service to attorneys involved in personal injury cases where smoke detectors or other building life safety systems are in question.  Our experts can provide you with an expert analysis of a fire scene to determine compliance with local and state smoke detector codes, fire codes and life safety codes.  Our experts have the education, training and experience to determine whether or not an operable and properly located smoke alarm contributed to the injuries sustained by the building occupants.

Fire & Life Safety Code Compliance

We provide a review and analysis of the subject property and provide information as to code compliance or non-compliance with current or past fire codes.  In addition, we review and analyze building plans of a subject interest to evaluate compliance or non-compliance with fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems, egress patterns and exits as well as the authority having jurisdiction approval. We provide analysis into Life Safety Code compliance or non-compliance.  Agosti Fire Investigations can assist in personal injury cases where code compliance is in question. Contact us today to begin.