Fire Investigation Expert Witness

Fire cases are complex and often leave behind little evidence to determine the origin and cause of the fire. Police and fire department may have been on the scene moments after the fire began, but the aftermath of a fire is so intricate, it takes a trained eye and a certain level of experience to present valuable facts to a judge and jury.

Hiring a Fire Investigation Expert Witness

It takes a true fire expert to not only analyze the fire scene but develop and test a hypothesis that can be presented in court.

As an attorney, it is in your best interest and the interest of your client that you locate an expert witness that is not only knowledgeable in the field, but has a great track record and the training necessary to report true and scientifically developed findings.

Fire Origin & Cause Determination

damaged apartment building after burned by fire

A fire investigation expert witness will do just as the name suggests: conduct a thorough investigation of the fire scene simultaneously alongside the police and fire personnel during their initial analysis or directly following up the event with an independent analysis for your case.

The goal of an origin and cause expert (O & C) is to help uncover what truly happened involving your client’s case and as private forensic fire investigators, we remain independent from the attorney that has hired us.

Since there are several types of fire cases that could exist, you’re looking at a mystery that can only be solved with proper fire and arson training, and fire investigation experience.

Fire Investigation Expert Witness Testimony

The knowledge and skillset that a fire investigation expert witness brings to the table is invaluable on the witness stand, since both the fire’s cause and origin can be very intricate to present and explain.

Judges and juries seek out the testimonies of experts in certain fields because they are well-versed and the most equipped to offer an unbiased and factual opinion on the fire scene.

And more often than not, the testimony provided weighs heavily in the case outcome, whether it is a criminal arson defense or a civil matter.

Fire Investigation Expert Witness at Agosti Fire

Our fire experts understand the severity of the case you’re working on and the importance of proper testimony for your client.

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