Civil Arson Defense Illinois

Agosti Fire Investigations has assisted numerous defense attorneys across the U.S. with expert witness services in insurance claim denial cases. Our experts conduct superior fire investigations services that identify case strengths and weaknesses to assist in insurance claim denial and bad faith litigation. Our experts will conduct a NFPA 921 compliant investigation, which is a guide for fire and explosion investigations into the particular charges claimed by the opposing parties.

In a civil arson case, the claimant is trying to build a case against the insurance company. Agosti Fire Investigations can defend the individual when the insurance is trying to determine if you have caused the fire. If you are responsible for the fire, they’ll want you to be paying them for the cause of it. As fire arson investigation experts, we have the capability of building a defense case for you

Agosti Fire Investigations

Agosti Fire Investigations can investigate the scene after it is opened to help make your defense stronger to assist you in court. Contact us today at 847-682-6793 to get more information on how we can help.