Certified Arson & Fire Investigations

Fire and Explosions

  • Arson defense and prosecutionProfessional Fire Investigation Service in Chicago IL
  • Incendiary fires
  • Boiler and furnace fires
  • LP and natural gas fires/explosions
  • Kitchen range fires
  • Spontaneous combustion
  • Automobile fires
  • Truck, heavy equipment fires
  • Marine vessel fires
  • Electrical fires
  • Mobile home and trailer fires
  • Recreational vehicle fires
  • Home appliance fires
  • Fireplace and chimney fires
  • Industrial fires
  • High Rise Fires

We will conduct on the scene examinations to evaluate and analyze the fire loss, including detailed evidence documentation. We will ensure that all relevant data will be properly photographed and/or videotaped along with diagrams, providing a detailed depiction of the fire scene. If requested, a comprehensive and yet objective, report will be prepared with a detailed analysis of the origin, cause and circumstances surrounding the loss and identifying any subrogation potential or liability exposure. And lastly, we will provide expert testimony and consulting for litigation support.

We will provide you an analysis of the reports, documents and evidence of opposing experts. We will then render opinions regarding the credibility and accuracy of the opposing fire expert’s opinions and findings. These opinions will present an objective analysis of the loss in a simplified document, easily understood. We are also able to provide court qualified expertise for litigation support, where the opinions advanced by the opposing fire expert are illogical, inaccurate or not based on scientific methods.

  • Building code violations
  • Fire code violations
  • Life Safety code violations
  • Smoke detector violations
  • Fire prevention analysis
  • Fire safety practices

We will conduct on the scene analysis of the fire or non-fire damaged structures to determine compliance of the applicable building, fire, and life safety codes. Evaluations of structures for proper type of fire and life safety systems such as smoke detectors, fire sprinklers, marked exits, etc. We also provide litigation support in cases involving fire related deaths or injuries attributable to code violations, such as lack of smoke detectors and improper exits.

  • Fire department operations
  • Fire department safety
  • Firefighter injuries and death
  • Fire department management
  • Fire department practices

We will provide litigation support in cases involving firefighter deaths and injuries, fire department operations, fire department management and safety.

Cross Examination Strategies

Provide scrutiny of the position opined to by the opposing fire experts. We will render our opinions regarding the accuracy and reliability of the findings and opinions of the opposing fire expert. Our opinions will be supplied in a simplified, sequential format that pertains to the opposing fire expert’s opinions and positions, as well as their professional qualifications.

With our professional fire investigation service, you will get a thorough fire investigation. You will learn not only about the source of the fire but also about the building’s compliance with safety codes. Both are necessary pieces of information and both will be needed if you ever have your day in court.

Part of what we do is examine the fire damaged structure and the undamaged parts of a building’s structure to check for compliance with established safety codes and Illinois fire safety practices. We check for Illinois building code violations, fire code violations, life safety code violations, and smoke detector violations. There may be going on behind a fire then possible arson.

Sometimes buildings are just not up to code and are just an accidents waiting to happen because of an Illinois safety code violation. This is why we investigate all the possible contributing factors of a fire from smoke detectors and sprinklers to signs of arson. We will not stop our Illinois fire code violation investigation until we find the whole truth.

We can help you to identify the root cause of all types of fires. Fires can come from a variety of sources so you need fire investigations with experience. We have the experience to help you with all types of fires including incendiary fires, boiler and furnace fires, natural gas fires, kitchen range fires, automobile fires, truck fires, heavy equipment fires, and marine vessel fires. We also can assist you with electrical fires, mobile home fires, appliance fires, fireplace and chimney fires, industrial fires, and high rise fires. And we can help you with explosion investigations as well.

Our investigations involve detailed reports that are easy to understand as well as photos of the scene or even videotapes. The reports that we provide will clearly identify the cause of the fire, the circumstances surrounding it, and any subrogation potential or liability exposure. We will also include diagrams to further illustrate the course of the incident. All of this creates a collection of evidence meant to hold up in court.

We can present this information in court in a clear and convincing manner. If you wish to dispute the findings of another fire investigation service then we can relay our opinions regarding the findings of another fire investigation. Again, we will provide evidence for all of our findings.

Investigations for Arson Fires and explosions often lead to court dates. You need our experience in the myriad types of fires and other safety incidents to identify the cause and circumstances of a fire. Then when you get to court you can rely on us to help you convey the truth.