Month: July 2015

Preventing Wildfires and Fire Codes

Wildfires are a serious problem in America and given the fluctuating nature of climate change, analysts are predicting that this summer will see a large rise in them that will threaten people out west. Just last month in Los Angeles, a 1,000-acre fire that began near a highway was put out by firefighters who trapped… Read more »

What Is Regulated by the International Fire Code?

In our blog, we’ve dedicated a lot of time discussing the importance of fire code laws in this country, how it’s necessary to not only be aware of them, but also understand what they mean and how they can affect you. While certain fire codes are more well-known, there are others that take on more… Read more »

Dozens of Firefighters Put out North Carolina Fire

In many cases when a fire breaks out, several firefighters are needed on the scene. In some instances, a dozen or more firefighters are required to put out the flames. But, there are those rare examples when many more are needed, and that was the case recently with a fire in Charlotte, North Carolina. Earlier… Read more »