House Fire Claims Three Lives including Two Children

Any time a life is loss it is a tragedy, but that is especially true when a child is taken from a family and the rest of the world. Sadly, that’s what happened in early February when a University City, Missouri house fire claimed three lives. Among the victims were 6-year-old Kaliyah Dunger and her brother, 4-year-old Trevion. Sadly, the fire also claimed the life of their grandmother, 78-year-old Mamie Williams.


While the initial cause of the fire wasn’t clear to investigators, it is now believed that a space heater is behind the incident. This update has been confirmed in part by a family member who did manage to get outside of the home. They described the fire as originating from a space heater that was located in the home’s sunroom.


Unfortunately, the fire started on the first floor, and the surviving family member couldn’t manage to reach the victims, all of whom were upstairs. While firefighters did arrive on the scene and were able to remove the children and grandmother from the home, they were unconscious and passed away shortly after being taken to the local hospital.


Any fire can be a traumatic experience, especially when life is loss. That is never truer when the life of a child, and in this case multiple children, are lost. We ask that you keep this family in your thoughts as they go through this trying time, and take some time to ensure your home and family is prepared in the event of a fire.