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Arson Still a Huge Problem in Detroit

Recently, The Detroit News researched the amount of arson cases that took place in the Detroit area between 2010 and 2013. While the results don’t include incidents of arson that happened in the last year, the study still provides a pretty accurate look at the current situation in the city. Reporters for the paper found that during that period, an average of 3,000 arson incidents happened each year.

While this report includes all fires that were deemed suspicious, it is clear that legitimate cases of arson are happening in this city at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, the city isn’t able to keep up with this crisis. Currently, Detroit is only working with 10 investigators to identify examples of arson and catch the perpetrators. Furthermore, there were a reported 3,839 suspicious fires in 2014, with only 3,500 of those properties being razed by city officials.

Widespread arson is having a number of bad effects on the city and the people who live there. For example, the average state home policy was $774 in 2011, but the policy for people living in the city was $1,700. The economy of the city is also struggling, and the threat of arson is just one of the many reasons that are keeping people away from the area.

In order to combat arson in the public sector such as in Detroit, and anywhere else in the world, properly trained resources need to be allocated. Properly trained fire and arson investigators are the first step in the process of recognizing or determining that a particular fire is in fact incendiary or arson.

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Source: http://www.mlive.com/news/detroit/index.ssf/2015/02/detroit_arson_fires_continue_t.html


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