Talking to a Babysitter About Proper Fire Safety

Here at the John Michael Agosti & Associates blog, we’re always working hard to make sure that you and your family are safe at home. It’s easier to properly identify a case of arson if it’s clear that the proper fire precautions have been put into place.


This is especially important for parents who may have children in the home at times when they have to be away. For these families, it’s very important to plan and make sure everyone knows what to do in case a fire breaks out.


Some parents may find it helpful to talk to a babysitter or other guardian about proper fire safety guidelines and procedures. This article published by ThisWeek Community News provides many tips for helping a babysitter stay on top of fire prevention and safety techniques.


For new babysitters, it’s very important that they understand the layout of a home, at least so they can identify a few points of exit in case they need to leave in an emergency. It may also be a good idea to point out a child’s favorite hiding places, just in case they get scared during a dangerous situation.


Parents should make sure that a list of emergency contact numbers is posted somewhere convenient within the house. It’s even better if emergency contacts can be posted in multiple places.


A babysitter should be very aware of proper kitchen safety procedures, and young children should never be allowed to use the stovetop, oven or even microwave without supervision. It’s always important for a babysitter to be vigilant and stay aware of what kids are up to, even when letting them play freely.


Here at John Michael Agosti & Associates, we want to make sure that families stay safe and ward off accidents, so that we can help them in cases of arson. If you’re worried that your home or business was the target of an arsonist, we can help assuage your fears and calmly explain how to handle the situation legally.