How to Become an Arson Investigator

The process to taking up the duties of an arson investigator can be long, but well worth it. We all know they are part detective and part fire scientist but that doesn’t mean you just need to know some detecting skills and some knowledge on fire. Most agencies that hire arson investigators can let you know what kind of skills they are looking for, but on average this kind of background can get you somewhere in the world of taking down fire starters.


  1. Become a Fire Fighter


Whether you aim for being a volunteer fire fighter or an intern, or a full on fire-fighter, nothing beats the experience you will get from being a fire fighter, when it comes to noticing different elements of fire and what kind of fires you are dealing with. You’ll also learn basic fire prevention lessons and a number of other applicable skills to arson investigation.


  1. Enroll in a Training Program or School


Much in the same vein of getting on-hand experience in the field as a fire fighter, whether volunteer or otherwise, you need to be able to understand the mental aspect of dealing with fires as well. A number of Arson investigator training programs exist, sometimes offered by the local fire station. You can also go to school for a degree in chemistry, fire science or criminal justice.


  1. Build Your Credentials


Credentials are some of the most important parts of having and keeping jobs. They aren’t always just getting a job and keeping a good relationship with it though. Sometimes, such as in the case with Arson Investigators, you can build experience with other means besides jobs. Many companies and even the International Association of Arson Investigators offer a certification program that can help you with showing that you have the credentials to get your fire investigation job.


And don’t forget to always take advantage of any opportunities that come your way.