Month: August 2015

Firefighters and Cancer

At John Michael Agosti & Associates, we’re ardent supporters of firefighters and all the good work they do. They have a lot on their plate, as being society’s protectors in the event of a catastrophe. They risk their lives day in day out and it is our duty as responsible citizens to support them and… Read more »

Fighting Fires with Weather Machines

Successfully fighting fires is complicated and involves lots of moving parts. There is more to it than simply hosing it down with a firehose. While the firefighters in America are brave and courageous souls, they sometimes need help when battling fires. It’s a rough world out there and anything we can do to help firefighters… Read more »

Summer of Fire Codes and Legalization

It is the responsibility of every tenant and building owner to adhere to fire safety rules and be inline with area fire codes, because if not, the results could be disastrous. Many towns and cities across the country are taking a more active role in enforcing these fire codes. No better do we see this… Read more »