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Space Heater Safety Tips

Space heater safety tips

Winter brings the bitter temperatures and often exposes the drafts in your home leaving you in the cold. And although space heaters are a convenient way to supplement your homes heat, they pose a several potential fire hazards. “Space heaters account for 43 percent of U.S. home heating fires and 85 percent of associated deaths”… Read more »

Fire Pit Safety Tips

Friends sitting around a backyard fire

Summer is the best time of the year for having backyard fires with your friends and family. You may already have a fire pit, or you are thinking of putting one in your yard. You have to be aware of the safety precautions of having backyard fires, so that the environment is not dangerous for… Read more »

Most Common Home Fire Causes

kitchen fire on stove

These common causes of fires can be prevented if you live carefully, but some things happen that are out of your control. We want you to know the common causes, so that you can be pro-active in preventing home fires. List of Causes We don’t think about these causes of a house fire because they’re… Read more »

The Importance of Fire Investigations

the importance of fire investigations

There is always an origin and cause to a fire, whether it’s a house fire, automobile, high rise, etc. People may think they know the cause of the fire, but in many cases, they don’t. Fire investigations can be extremely critical to legal issues and helpful for insurance companies and attorney firms. Attorney firms should… Read more »

October is Fire Prevention Month

October is Fire Prevention Month, and many organizations and individuals are doing what they can to ensure that as many people as possible are protected from the greatest fire hazard risks in their homes. In communities all over the country, plenty of public activities are available that can provide homeowners and families with lifesaving information…. Read more »

As Detroit burns, all of America mourns

Detroit is dead…   Not really, but if you have been paying attention to newscasters and pundits, you would think that Detroit has kicked the bucket.   In a way, it has. Detroit has filed for bankruptcy. It has lost its freedom, its independence.   The Motor City is a ghost town, chockfull of abandoned… Read more »

Remember the UpStairs Lounge arson attack

Arson is a crime that leaves a wake of devastation wherever it travels. Often, arson is used as a tool for hate, as some people decide to burn the entirety of what someone loves or has worked for simply because of personal differences. When arson occurs for these kinds of reasons, the results can be… Read more »

Let’s not forget about arson victims

Whether it is a volunteer firefighter being sentenced for starting fires in Sonoma and San Mateo counties or the search for three young suspects wanted for questioning about arson in Santa Monica, every day we hear stories about arson. All across the country, arson is on the rise.   The media often pays too much… Read more »

Arson Tragedy Threatens to Derail Prom

For high school students, prom is usually one of the most exciting times of the year. The idea of dressing up, going out for a fancy dinner and spending the evening dancing and hanging out with friends is appealing to everyone. However, a tragedy in Houston interrupted the festivities for two local students this year…. Read more »

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