October is Fire Prevention Month

October is Fire Prevention Month, and many organizations and individuals are doing what they can to ensure that as many people as possible are protected from the greatest fire hazard risks in their homes. In communities all over the country, plenty of public activities are available that can provide homeowners and families with lifesaving information.


Fire Prevention Month was created in the late 19th century, after the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 created such a tragic loss of life and property in that great American city. The entire month is mostly celebrated in and around the city of Chicago, although the entire country observes a Fire Prevention Week that always includes October 8th and 9th, the dates of the 1871 fire.

The theme of this year’s fire prevention awareness period is “Prevent Kitchen Fires.” The kitchen, where all of the food for a home is cooked with a variety of electrical and gas instruments, has many unique risks that could set the stage for a very damaging home fire. As this article from OurWestminsterNews.com points out, a few basic tips can help eliminate most of these risks within the home. This includes not leaving food unattended while cooking and proper grease fire containment, which requires turning off the heat source and smothering the flames with a metal lid or pan.


Around Chicago, many activities are planned that will teach old and young alike about how to handle a fire emergency and related situations. Some organizations are using carnivals and festivals as a setting to host informational talks and activities that teach others about arson. Others focus on fire escape plans, helping children and others run escape drills to prepare them in the event of a fire.


Following proper fire prevention tips and procedures can help an investigative service in the case of arson. Once all other causes have been ruled out, investigators can single out what started the fire even faster. When you have suspicions of arson in the Chicago, IL, area, call John Michael Agosti & Associates. We’ll survey the scene quickly and give you an expert opinion on your case.