Wildfires in Arizona

In previous blog posts, we have discussed the problem of wildfires out west. The problem will not go away overnight so it’s best for us all if we know everything about wildfires – we must absorb any information that is out there. This isn’t preventable; wildfires are, however, maintainable. Exactly how bad is this wildfire… Read more »

Firefighters and Cancer

At John Michael Agosti & Associates, we’re ardent supporters of firefighters and all the good work they do. They have a lot on their plate, as being society’s protectors in the event of a catastrophe. They risk their lives day in day out and it is our duty as responsible citizens to support them and… Read more »

Fighting Fires with Weather Machines

Successfully fighting fires is complicated and involves lots of moving parts. There is more to it than simply hosing it down with a firehose. While the firefighters in America are brave and courageous souls, they sometimes need help when battling fires. It’s a rough world out there and anything we can do to help firefighters… Read more »

Preventing Wildfires and Fire Codes

Wildfires are a serious problem in America and given the fluctuating nature of climate change, analysts are predicting that this summer will see a large rise in them that will threaten people out west. Just last month in Los Angeles, a 1,000-acre fire that began near a highway was put out by firefighters who trapped… Read more »

Dozens of Firefighters Put out North Carolina Fire

In many cases when a fire breaks out, several firefighters are needed on the scene. In some instances, a dozen or more firefighters are required to put out the flames. But, there are those rare examples when many more are needed, and that was the case recently with a fire in Charlotte, North Carolina. Earlier… Read more »

Firefighters Take on Fort Myers Blaze

While we wish it wasn’t true, unfortunately house fires take place on a daily basis. Fortunately, firefighters are usually there to put it out and save anyone who may be in the vicinity. There are almost countless ways a house fire can start, whether it’s due to an accident, arson, or anything else. Recently, a… Read more »

Firefighters Injured in House Fire

No matter where a fire starts, we rely on the experience and bravery of firefighters to extinguish the flames and save lives. Unfortunately, in some cases the firefighters who save us get into a situation where they need saving themselves. Recently a house fire broke out in Miami-Dade County, Florida, and it quickly engulfed much… Read more »

National Fire Protection Association Hopes to Change Massachusetts Building Codes

Most commercial buildings around the country are required to have fire sprinkler systems installed, although not all of them. However, few residential properties, especially houses, have fire suppression systems in place. The National Fire Protection Association is one of many organizations that hope to change that, at least in Massachusetts. In order to illustrate the… Read more »