Firefighters Take on Fort Myers Blaze

While we wish it wasn’t true, unfortunately house fires take place on a daily basis. Fortunately, firefighters are usually there to put it out and save anyone who may be in the vicinity. There are almost countless ways a house fire can start, whether it’s due to an accident, arson, or anything else. Recently, a fire started in a home in Fort Myers, Florida. While the cause of the fire is still being investigated, we’re happy to report that no lives were lost. Firefighters quickly arrived in order to put it out and rescue the home’s occupants.

The fire broke out in a two story house, and investigators believe it started somewhere on the second floor. They have even determined that some of the fire was inside the walls, which is furthering the speculation about how it may have started. At the time of the fire, a woman and her son were inside the home. By the time the firefighters arrived the son was outside, but he couldn’t find his elderly mother. Luckily, she had made it outside as well, and was simply on the other side of the house.

The woman and her son received minor injuries and they were transported to a hospital. The firefighters were able to extinguish the flames without incident, so besides the property damage this is a fairly successful story. Of course, we would rather see no fires of any kind, but being prepared for such an event is often the best you can do. Be aware of and avoid any fire safety hazards, and have a clear plan in place to get out of the building if a fire should start.

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