National Fire Protection Association Hopes to Change Massachusetts Building Codes

Most commercial buildings around the country are required to have fire sprinkler systems installed, although not all of them. However, few residential properties, especially houses, have fire suppression systems in place. The National Fire Protection Association is one of many organizations that hope to change that, at least in Massachusetts. In order to illustrate the effectiveness of sprinkler systems when it comes to fighting fires in homes, the organization hosted a demonstration.

The demonstration held earlier this month was simple enough. Two rooms were lit on fire, each identical to each other. One had a fire sprinkler installed, the other did not. The room without a sprinkler was covered in flames within minutes. On the other hand, once the fire heated up in the second room the sprinkler system kicked in and the flames were put out in less than a minute. The results were clear: fire sprinkler systems can save lives and prevent unnecessary property damage.

Currently, the building code in the state does not require any sort of fire sprinkler system for residential properties. The National Fire Protection Association hopes that this demonstration and others like it will really send the message that every property should have one of these systems in place. There are a couple of bills being worked on that would require this, one at a state level and another on a local basis. Whether or not they become law is yet to be determined.

This demonstration is just one of many examples across the country of people and organizations campaigning for building fire codes to be updated. Keep checking back for more news and updates!

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