Firefighters Injured in House Fire

No matter where a fire starts, we rely on the experience and bravery of firefighters to extinguish the flames and save lives. Unfortunately, in some cases the firefighters who save us get into a situation where they need saving themselves. Recently a house fire broke out in Miami-Dade County, Florida, and it quickly engulfed much of the property. Flames and smoke soared through the rough, and several firefighters quickly arrived on the scene.

Two of the firefighters who initially arrived on the scene were injured while confronting the flames. Even though both of these firefighters were wearing the proper protective gear, the fire was apparently so hot that they still received burns. Other firefighters who arrived at the house were seen pulling the two injured workers from the building.

The house was also occupied at the time of the fire. An elderly couple and two dogs were inside, but fortunately the emergency personnel were able to get them outside. They had no injuries, and the firefighters who received burns are expected to make a full recovery.

Across the country brave men and women are fighting fires in homes, businesses, and elsewhere in order to save lives. Even with the right training and gear, they still are at great risk. We’re glad that no life was lost in this incident, and we wish the two injured firefighters a speedy recovery. For more news and updates about fires, fire safety codes, and more, keep checking back with the John Michael Agosti & Associates blog!