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Causes of Winter Fires

Winter Fires

While you may think that home fires are not as common throughout the cold of winter, that’s unfortunately not true. Falling temperatures and snow outside do little to stop the spread of fires, and there are actually a few reasons why fires can be more prevalent during this time of year. We’re here to go… Read more »

Fire Safety in the Fall

Fire Prevention

Just because the seasons are changing doesn’t mean that there are any less fires. It seems that people are fooled. Just because the weather is colder, especially if you’re in certain parts of the country, such as Chicago, that it means that we are at less risk of fires. Just because we have entered fall… Read more »

Taking Fire Prevention to the Streets

In this blog, we talk a lot about fire codes. It is important for all of us to educate the public on them and other fire prevention measures. Fire codes in particular are important to promote since they frequently change and are often different from state to state, city to city. Many fire officials are… Read more »

Using Social Media to Promote Fire Safety

We haven’t talked much about social media trends on this blog, but they are changing the way we communicate in this county and it’s ever-evolving because it’s forcing us to change on a daily basis. Needless to say, we will never be the same, and that’s a good thing; for example, social media is affecting… Read more »

Wildfires in Arizona

In previous blog posts, we have discussed the problem of wildfires out west. The problem will not go away overnight so it’s best for us all if we know everything about wildfires – we must absorb any information that is out there. This isn’t preventable; wildfires are, however, maintainable. Exactly how bad is this wildfire… Read more »

Firefighters and Cancer

At John Michael Agosti & Associates, we’re ardent supporters of firefighters and all the good work they do. They have a lot on their plate, as being society’s protectors in the event of a catastrophe. They risk their lives day in day out and it is our duty as responsible citizens to support them and… Read more »

Fighting Fires with Weather Machines

Successfully fighting fires is complicated and involves lots of moving parts. There is more to it than simply hosing it down with a firehose. While the firefighters in America are brave and courageous souls, they sometimes need help when battling fires. It’s a rough world out there and anything we can do to help firefighters… Read more »

Summer of Fire Codes and Legalization

It is the responsibility of every tenant and building owner to adhere to fire safety rules and be inline with area fire codes, because if not, the results could be disastrous. Many towns and cities across the country are taking a more active role in enforcing these fire codes. No better do we see this… Read more »

Preventing Wildfires and Fire Codes

Wildfires are a serious problem in America and given the fluctuating nature of climate change, analysts are predicting that this summer will see a large rise in them that will threaten people out west. Just last month in Los Angeles, a 1,000-acre fire that began near a highway was put out by firefighters who trapped… Read more »

What Is Regulated by the International Fire Code?

In our blog, we’ve dedicated a lot of time discussing the importance of fire code laws in this country, how it’s necessary to not only be aware of them, but also understand what they mean and how they can affect you. While certain fire codes are more well-known, there are others that take on more… Read more »