Wisconsin Certified Fire Investigators & Safety Experts

When your property and your safety are on the line, get the most trusted, certified fire investigation and fire safety expert company in Wisconsin to investigate incidents of fire. Agosti Fire uses over 20 years of experience in the field to assist home owners, business owners, insurance adjusters and fire departments in finding the causes of fire and preventing them. Forensic engineers at Agosti Fire work with fires of all types, including vehicle fires, residential fires, fires at manufacturing plants, chemical fires, agricultural fires and many more.

Fire safety starts with fire prevention, including sprinklers, fire extinguishers, emergency exits and smoke alarms. Agosti Fire performs detailed inspections of all fire prevention systems to ensure businesses and homes are safe. If a fire does occur, finding the cause is key to stopping the fire from occurring again. Agosti Fire will find the cause of the fire and provide evidence to support an arson defense, assist in insurance claims or prevent insurance fraud. Agosti Fire also works closely with fire departments and emergency respondents to formulate strategic emergency operations and optimize the safety of each operation.

Get professional assistance in arson litigation and certified fire investigation for your home or business in Wisconsin. Call Agosti Fire at 847-682-6793 or email Info@arsonexpert.com to learn more.