School Supports Security System That May Pose Fire Safety Threat

When it comes to keeping a property safe, there are few places more important than schools. Our children, and the future generations of our nation are learning in these places, and they must be kept as secure as possible. This is especially true with the rise of school shootings and other incidents throughout the past few years. However, some security devices and measures can have downsides, including a new system that a school in Mentor, Ohio is utilizing.

The local school district plans on using something called the Bearcade system, a method that would make it extremely difficult for anyone who poses a threat to make their way inside classrooms. However, this system is in violation of the Ohio fire code, because it cannot be unlocked or released through a door handle.

The fire chief, Bob Searles, says that the school still plans on using the system, despite these issues. But the matter has not been put to rest, because hearing are set to take place later this month to discuss whether or not the Bearcade system should be utilized by Mentor schools.

Any time a new device or system is implemented into a building in order to keep the people inside safe, a wide range of issues need to be looked at. This system may be great for keeping a shooter out of classrooms, but it could also pose a threat if a fire breaks out. If there is any substantial update about this story, we’ll be sure to let you know!

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