Fire & Arson Investigation in Ohio

Protect your home or business from fire damage and make sure all fire incidents are properly investigated with assistance from a professional fire inspector and arson investigation expert in Ohio. John Michael Agosti Fire works with homeowners, business owners, insurance adjusters, manufacturers, attorneys, fire departments and many others across the Midwest to find the origin of fires and explosions, inspect fire suppression systems, investigate code compliance, assist fire departments and assist in legal proceedings.

Finding the origin or cause of a fire requires careful attention to detail and expertise. While fire may destroy some evidence, the cause of the fire, whether due to arson, faulty electrical wiring, chemical storage, an equipment failure or another cause, can be uncovered by forensic engineers. This evidence can then be used in a civil or criminal arson defense, with legal experts specializing in arson helping you formulate the best defense. Insurance adjusters can also use this information to ascertain the exact cause of a fire and prevent insurance fraud. Agosti Fire also works with fire departments to optimize emergency response, operations and communication.

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