NYC Has Seen a Spate of Premeditated Fires

Arson is often used as a way of targeting certain groups and inflicting harm to specific organizations. That’s why there’s usually a strong connection between arson and hate crimes in most instances. Here at John Michael Agosti & Associates, we often deal with cases that unveil some of the worst sides of humanity.

Even large metropolitan areas aren’t immune to the kind of anger that gives rise to an ugly crime such as arson. Recently, New York City has seen a spate of premeditated fires that have been attacking institutions that many visit to seek out peace.

As this article published by New York News reports, three churches in Brooklyn have been targeted by what seems to be a single arsonist. Over the course of three days, St. Mark’s Church in Crown Heights, as well as the Greater New Beginnings Church and the Iglesia Cristiana Church, both of Brownsville, all experienced arson events.

These attacks are even more unnerving because of their timing. Easter Week is one of the holiest times of the year for Christian churches, and it’s the time of the year where many of these churches see their highest attendances. There weren’t many known motives for the attack at the time of publication for the above article.

Luckily, as it is in most cases, surveillance video may be the means for catching the criminal perpetrator of these deeds. Video captured from the latest attack at St. Mark’s Church have set Brooklyn police on a path towards identifying and capturing the at large criminal. Comments from the pastor and parishioners in the above articles seemed to indicate that many were hopeful that the security video would lead to an arrest shortly.

Here at John Michael Agosti & Associates, we know that the experience of arson is difficult to comprehend when it targets you or your community. We are experienced in uncovering all pertinent evidence in fire investigations to help you confirm your suspicions of arson, or handle your case in a legal court of law.