Missouri Fire Investigators & Arson Lawyers

If a fire or explosion has destroyed valuable property, injured or killed residents, workers or emergency respondents, it is vital to have the site assessed by an experienced team of certified fire investigators and arson lawyers in Missouri. John Michael Agosti Fire represents over 20 years of experience in arson and accidental fire investigations, both for homes and businesses. Though it may appear the fire has destroyed evidence, forensic engineers have the tools and expertise to locate the origin of the fire and ascertain evidence of its cause and path.

Finding the origin of the fire and gathering evidence of the source of the blaze is vital to an arson defense and other civil or criminal cases. Fire experts at Agosti Fire study the scene carefully, and sift through evidence with detail. The experts also provide testimony and litigation strategy consulting to assist in your case. To prevent fire before it starts, Agosti Fire also performs detailed inspections of fire prevention systems, including sprinklers and alarms, extinguishers and fire safety code compliance.