Fire Investigations & Expert Witnesses in Iowa

Fire is one of the most dangerous incidents that can occur to a home, business or vehicle. Understanding the cause is essential to take proper legal and safety action. Agosti Fire gives you the facts and evidence you need to show where and how the fire started, prevent it from happening again, and taking proper legal recourse. Agosti Fire supplies arson and vehicle fire investigations and fire expert witness testimony in Iowa to make investigations and legal proceedings easy and accurate.

When a fire or explosion occurs inside a home, businesses, vehicle, agricultural facility, manufacturing facility, storage warehouse, or another location, determining the origin and cause is the first step. Forensic engineers with 20 years of experience go through the site and to find the cause of the fire and evidence to support the conclusion. Agosti Fire also provides expert testimony and evidence to use during a legal case or during insurance cases. These investigations may assist with a civil or criminal arson defense, evaluation and legal strategy consultation surrounding injuries or fatalities due to fire, and assist during insurance investigations. Agosti Fire also conducts expert inspections of all fire safety protocols including exits, sprinklers, alarms, fire extinguishers and other systems.

Make sure your building is protected from fire first and, if a fire does occur, get an expert opinion on origin, causes and litigation. Call 847-682-6793 to learn more.