Indiana Fire & Explosion Investigators

Agosti Fire puts 20 years of experience behind fire investigations in Indiana and the surrounding areas of the Midwest. When fire strikes, it is essential to uncover the cause and present the case properly. Forensic engineers investigate accidents, arson cases, faulty equipment and more for businesses, homeowners, legal firms and insurance agencies in Indiana. With detailed investigation techniques, sophisticated equipment and decades of experience, Agosti & Associate’s fire and explosion investigation experts in Indiana find the causes of fires and help to prevent them.

Determining the cause of a fire or explosion is key to preventing the incident from happening a second time. Agosti Fire’s experienced forensic engineers sift carefully through each element of the scene to find the cause of the fire and determine the path of the flames. Agosti Fire uses specialized equipment, decades of experience and careful attention to detail in all fire and explosion cases, including home fires, manufacturing fires, vehicle fires, business fires, agricultural fires and more. The fire experts also prevent these dangerous and deadly incidents from happening with a complete array of fire prevention services, including inspections for fire alarms, sprinkler systems, hazardous materials storage sites, fire extinguishers and more.

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