In such dangerous times, a fire investigator is your best friend

These are dangerous times. National and local threats seem to be on the rise. Due to such a hostile atmosphere, it is even more important to investigate the cause and origin in fires and explosions. It could very well be a lunatic or a threat to national security behind it all. Our thorough investigations provide relief to victims, their families and communities at large. Considering every day, there seems to be a news story about a large fire or explosion, we take our jobs very seriously and are working around the clock.


Just recently, two fuel barges blew up in Mobile, Alabama, leaving three people in critical condition. In the article, “3 hurt as fuel barges explode, catch fire on Mobile River in Alabama,” the AP reports, “Firefighters from Mobile and Coast Guard officials responded after 8:30 p.m. CDT Wednesday to a pair of explosions involving the gas barges in the Mobile River east of downtown. Additional explosions followed over the next few hours.”


The scene resembled a warzone, as Mobile and Coast Guard officials rushed to the scene to fight the flames and minimize damage. The explosions, unfortunately, kept continuing, and Mobile was on the edge of its seat. Given recent tragedies, the city must have been terrified. Alan Waugh, local civilian, said, “It literally sounded like bombs going off around. The sky just lit up in orange and red.” Officials helped to clear out the shipyard as well as a nearby cruise ship, all while trying to calm down area residents.


Firefighters finally put out the blaze early Thursday morning. While some believe the fire was accidental, others are more suspicious and rightfully so. All reports indicate an accident, but a full investigation is underway.


In such dangerous times, a fire investigator is your best friend, as he or she solves a mystery. The residents of Mobile will not rest easy until a clear cause is established and, if necessary, the perpetrator dealt with accordingly.


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For more information on barge fires that took place in Mobile, you can find the AP article here.


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