Illinois Arson Investigator

When fire strikes, you need answers to prevent these accidents from happening again and to get the reimbursement you need. An arson investigator provides fire analysis and consulting services to find the origin and cause of the fire. With over twenty years of experience in Illinois, Agosti Fire provide clear, organized information to use in prevention, civil suits, criminal prosecution, insurance records and more.

Agosti Fire works with insurance adjusters, attorneys, business owners, homeowners, manufacturers and many others across the Midwest, including Illinois. Arson investigators comb through the scene to uncover the cause and origin of the fire and follow the exact path of the blaze. Using specialized forensic techniques, experts search through residential fires, manufacturing fires, vehicle fires, isolated equipment fires and more. This information can then be used as evidence when allocating reimbursement for insurance purposes, investigating potentially dangerous equipment, preventing arson, stopping insurance fraud and more. Agosti Fire also helps to prevent fire with building code analysis, inspections of smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, hazardous material storage, life safety code analysis and more.

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