Firefighters Deal with Massive Icicles in Boston

At John Michael Agosti & Associates, we’re always on the lookout for interesting and noteworthy stories involving firefighters. But recently in Boston, the city’s fire department was called upon to deal with something a little colder than your average fire. Yes, instead of putting out a fire, the department was tasked with getting rid of some icicles. But these weren’t just any icicles of course, and the fire department was alerted for good reason.

After some heavy snow and continued cold weather, several large icicles grew on the sides of two High Street buildings. These icicles lasted for more than a week, and several of them eventually stretched to five feet in length. If any of these were to fall when someone walking in the vicinity they could be deadly, which is why professionals were brought in to deal with the problem.

According to this Boston Globe article, the team got the job done by pulling a firetruck up to the buildings, and the firefighters worked from a ladder with a bucket. The icicles were so high up that no one who worked in the buildings was able to reach them. And it wasn’t a simple job either. It took about an hour to remove all of the icicles.

Interestingly, an owner of a building next to the ones the firefighters were working on caught wind of what they were doing. After they were done, he asked for help with his property, and they were happy to oblige.

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