Arson is a Hate Crime

Arson is often a crime of a highly personal nature. To set something on fire – there’s a sick poetry in that. It’s dramatic, it requires maintained passion to make an impression, and, often, there is a message outside of the need to destroy something that comes along with arson.


So it’s not surprising that the arsonist who attempted to burn down Neighbors nightclub in Seattle on New Year’s Eve, is now suspected to have a chilling motive. The alleged arsonist, Musab Musmari, is charged with first-degree arson. The evidence against him was already pretty astounding – he was caught on camera carrying what appears to be a gas tank through the club packed with over 750 people. And now documents have been entered into evidence that claim there is an FBI informant who claims to have met with Musmari on several occasions after the attack.


The informant, whose name has not been released, claims that Musmari has often expressed a “distaste for homosexuals” and that he had “obtained a rifle” just after expressing his belief that “all homosexuals should be exterminated.” The unidentified informant contacted the FBI just after one of the meetings, claiming to be “concerned.” Musmari was taken into custody shortly after.


It’s not enough to simply destroy something you hate. At a certain level of prejudice and irrational fury, there are some that need to see it burn. If you or someone you know has been a victim of arson, call John Michael Agosti & Associates to schedule an appointment for investigation.