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Stricter Fire Codes May Come to Wayne, New Jersey

The specifics of fire codes vary from state to state and even county to county, meaning some areas of the country are much safer than others when it comes to fires. Unfortunately, often stricter fire codes are put into place after an incident causes people to rethink the current standards. That may be what’s about to happen in Wayne Township in New Jersey after an apartment fire caused massive amounts of property damage.

In the town of Edgewater, a fire destroyed much of the Avalon Bay apartment complex. This building had more than 400 apartments inside, meaning that hundreds and thousands of people could be inside at any moment. Now, several members of the township’s council are rethinking local fire codes in order to prevent similar events In the future.

Some of the specific details of the code that the council would like to see changed include requiring more inspections after a building is constructed. In addition, they would like to have buildings inspected annually by a third party, who would then relay their findings to the township.

While some or all of these changes may not be implemented, it is always encouraging to see a town discuss issues of fire safety and work to improve them. It’s unfortunate that sometimes a tragic event has to offer first, but at least officials in the town are trying to do something about it. For more news and updates about fire safety from around the country, keep checking back with our blog!

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